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Things We Love Thursday…

30 Jun

It is nearly the weekend so we thought we would share a few things we have been loving and crushing over this week.

First up, Just when you thought food couldn’t get any better you can now get Mini Water Melon!!!

Omnomnom a whole load of Squeeeeeeeee!

Secondly Bow Ties on Girls…….So Cute and Hot!

The beautiful Diane Kruger & Doolallytat Creations.

And last but not least………………………………………………………………..

Our new obsession BLOGGING!!!!



1 Little…2 Little…3 Little…

29 Jun

Feathers are everywhere at the moment and I am more than willing to rock the Red Indian look (running round the room Aawawawawa!) So I went to have a look in my Craft room for some inspiration and to have a Crafty treasure hunt.

Ready set here we go:

Check List

Feathers….Yep got a massive bag full!!!

Findings Check!
Pliers…oooh lets go and check the hubby’s tool box………Check! (but don’t tell him! lol)

Neighbours on the Television Check! (not sure what this has to do with anything but I can’t get enough of that program!)

With a wiggle and a squeeze here is the result!

As a first attempt I am pretty happy if I do say so myself  *patting myself on the back*

Why not leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Clouds of Starlings

27 Jun

Well today after being roasted and having to gaze longingly out of the window at the beautiful sunshine I have decided to go down to the Pier and try to catch the Cloud of Starlings at dusk (called murmerations, apparently) they put on a show most nights at dusk just before roosting. I suggest checking out the videos of this amazing scene on youtube or if you live in Brighton pop down to the Pier and try to catch them yourself.

I think I will wear one of the new Doolallytat Swallow Brooches it may not be a Starling but I am sure my birdy friends will approve.

A Big Doolallytat Welcome!

25 Jun

Hello and welcome, you are looking beautiful today!

Well after alot of planning and faffing about we have finally got the Doolallytat blog up and running.

We hope that you enjoy looking at all our designs and reading about our crafty adventures.