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Vintage Car Show…

30 Jul

Tomorrow there is a vintage car fair in our home town so we are going to pop along to see some beautiful cars

Our favourites are the Morris Minors and Beatles but I can be swayed by a Pontiac Trans Am but I think it may just be because of Smokey and the Bandit!!!

What an amazing moustashe and cowboy hat combo!

Hopefully we can get some good pictures of some Burt Reynolds types for the Blog tomorrow

Ten Four Good Buddy!



Things We Love Thursday…

28 Jul

Bit of a late one tonight as the firt thing we LOVE today is….


There is nothing so grand as sitting with friends an realising you know nothing at all about anything of great importance.

Q: What Phil Collins Song could be about DR Who?

A: Two Hearts???!!!

Other things we are loving Play N Scoot Pirate ship

They have to make this for adults…. Arrrrrr Me Heartys!!!


Makers Fair and Making Friends…

25 Jul

Wowie what a fun day we had on Sunday at The Yard Vintage and Makers Fair.

We were eager beavers and set up nice and early we were pretty happy with the set up and were happy that we were so bright and cheery.

Luckily the weather was on our side too and what a lovely sunny day.

We have decided we will be going along again so if you didn’t get to go this time watch this space.

The wonderful Frantic about Francis came down to say hello too if you haven’t already check out her beautiful handmade underwear on

We also had a double win on the Trauma Tombola ‘Where every silver lining has a cloud’

Here is the beautiful Doolally Hannah modelling her deelyboppers and trashy novel.


Preparations,Cake and Cats on leads

23 Jul

The Yard Vintage and Makers Fair is tomorrow it seems to have come around so quickly luckily I have been super efficient and have everything piled up in boxes ready to go:

We hope we will see you there tomorrow we are both super excited………Now what to wear!?!

I think I will celebrate being so prepared with some of the yummy carrot cake I made yesterday I did nearly cut my finger off in the process (Baking is dangerous)

But the result was yummy!

Also today me and my friend Steph took her gorgeous little Cat Magnum for a walk along the beach (I use the term walk loosely as he mainly sat and got carried)

We didnt stay out there too long as we were woried he may get sunburnt ears. We were however out long enough for a fellow beach walker to say ‘You know this isn’t normal don’t you?’

Oh well who wants to be normal anyway?

Hopefully see you tomorrow!!!!!!



Things We Love Thursday…

21 Jul
Today I am Loving Baby Goats.
Whilst having an adventurous day out at a local farm I got to don my superhero cape!
A poor baby goat had managed to slip out of its pen. The mummy goat was going mad and stamping its foot and calling out.
I couldn’t see where it had gone at first but the little cutie was stuck outside and couldn’t get back in. He was tucked away in the corner looking very sorry for himself and crying.
But with a quick spin around Super Doolallytat arrived to save the day.
Baby Goat safe and back with mum…….Everyone happy!
All the cuteness all the softness……I may have a new favourite animal.

Eye Candy…

19 Jul

The Vintage Market and Makers Fair is this Sunday and we are busy getting all of the products together and tagged up ready to show the people of Brighton.

We are now thinking of the best way to show off all our beautiful things.

We purchased a card stand not too long ago and it has been invaluable.

We also have jewellery stands for Necklaces and Rings and now have a gorgeous table cloth too.

I have also just bought this old suitcase which I am hoping to turn into a gorgeous display case

I know this looks like a big job but I am going to do my best and will show you my efforts when I have finished.

Wish me luck.




Rain Rain Go Away…..

17 Jul

After a long weekend of rain, rain and more rain I need some colour and sunshine in my life.

Nothing is better than a beautiful bunch of flowers to put a smile on a girls face and after the beautiful floral inspiration from Thursday we have been making these bright and beautiful flower brooches.

They will be taking pride of place on our stall at The Yard, Vintage Makers Market next Sunday. We are hoping and wishing for better weather than this weekend but we promise to still be there with smiles on our faces.