Painting the Town!

6 Jul

I have gone a little decorating Mad!

My mission is to decorate every room in my house by the end of the Year.

I started with the master bedroom and went for a Cath Kidson esque Wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct.

And in the Bathroom I am living out my Sailor Pin-up dream with my beautiful Navy blind and Anchor shower curtain from good old M&S

So I broke the news to hubby that this weekend the Kitchen is the next room to be started on Saturday.

Inspiration comes from strange places and mine has come from The Disney Channel Show ‘Good Luck Charlie’

I am having mad fridge envy (If you cannot see from the picture the whole fridge is a chalkboard)

We are a bit of a dab hand with the blackboard paint here at Doolallytat so I have done a bit of research and I am thinking I may give it a go.

My kitchen is currently Blue but I have always wanted a Pink kitchen. I am loving the colours Dulux has to offer at the moment and I am torn between Sexy Pink and Sweet Pink:

I have also just purchased a new shelf from Wilkinsons for the bargain price of £7.97

More on the shelf when I have given it a coat of paint and worked some Doolallytat Magic!

Some Shabby Chic Signs and a few Wooden hearts and the Makeover will be complete.

I will let you know how it goes.

(Keep your fingers crossed for the fridge!)



One Response to “Painting the Town!”

  1. linda July 7, 2011 at 6:34 am #

    Perhaps a bit of both colours as the dark pink may make room look smaller if on all walls? xxx

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