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And we are back!

28 Aug

Well we finally have our Internet back up and running so I thought I would just pick up where I left off with the Hat.

I am really happy with it and I think considering it is a fascinator with a spitfire on top it still manages to look fashionable and classy.

Here is a little sneaky peak of the finished piece.

I will take a picture on the day so you can see the full outfit.

If you have a special event coming up and would like a custom made fascinator leave a message and we will get back to you with some ideas.

Enjoy the bank holiday lets hope the sun starts shining soon.



Internet Grrrrrr!

24 Aug

Due to Internet issues I have been unable to post anything over the last few days hopefully it will be fixed soon (god bless the I phone)

I will try and blog soon when O2 have worked out the problem.


RAF Graduation Hat Project…

20 Aug

I am attending the RAF Officers Graduation of my boyfriend in September and have been faced with a dilemma.

The Military has all sorts of rules for attendees when it comes to dress code and although I am more than happy to stick to the rules it is nice to be able to add a personal spin to any outfit luckily the outfit for the days passing out parade includes a hat and if there is one thing here at Doolallytat that we love to make its hats.

My dress is a 1950’s style circle dress in white with navy and Teal Diamonds so to match up I have purchased a teal hat base from Ebay:

And no hat is truely a hat until it has so a bit of Schuzz! so Feathers were a must:

I found these in C&H fabrics in Brighton although I am sure they are available (Cheaper) online and from all good haberdashers.

So now for the Doolallytat spin…..

If you give us a theme we will run with it and what better theme than The RAF with all the aviation history traditions I thought what better addition to my hat than……


I will add some pictures of the finished project when I have finished……….Glue Gun at the ready!……..GO!


Things We Love Thursday…

18 Aug

It is so difficult to find cool baby stuff that isn’t the weird baby in a Che Guevara babygrow style that seems to be lining the shops and internet. This is why I wanted to share these amazing new born baby bits and pieces that I am loving this Thursday.

Starting with the amazing congratulations card available here on etsy:

These adorable scratch mitts are available here:

And you can top it all off with the amazing sock monkey outfit combo below

You have to check out the Mad Hatter Knits shop here: and see the other amazingly cute offerings including an amazing frog combo!


Battle Prom Bonanza!!!

14 Aug

I love a festival and have been lucky enough to visit 2 Reading festivals and 2 Glastonburys in the past and as much as I enjoyed those heady days of booze and dancing into the night the thought of doing this these days makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

This weekend however I was lucky enough (thanks to the boyfriend) to go to the battle proms at Althorp House.

We had a beautiful picnic and got all dressed up and thankfully the sun shone all day.

The day was filled with Napoleonic battle displays, Concert Music, Opera singers, Cannons and Fireworks:

My favourite part however was the Spitfire not only because it is an amazing sight to see but the amazing story of the Pilot.

The Pilot of this aircraft was in fact a woman who had learnt to fly after losing her husband and felt the most fitting tribute to him would be to keep his beloved Spitfire flying.

And we are glad she did too. It was an amazing day and I would suggest the Proms to anyone.

Visit for more information on the remaining Battle Prom at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire.


Things We Love Thursday…

11 Aug

Sorry about the slow blogging I have been having a busy time and need to pick up on my blogging I hate it when bloggers get lazy anyway enough about that and on to THINGS WE LOVE!

Firstly have you ever thought I know what mugs need tail well……….. Bham! Here They Are:

You can see more images here

I must admit I am typing this on a good old Windows run computer but there is one thing that I love Macs for and it is the amazing decals that people have come up with. Here are a few of my favourites:

And my favourite

For your very own and to see the other amazing designs go to



We Did It…

8 Aug

We had an amazing time on Saturday at The Brighton Bikini Run we ran 2 miles in not so fabulous weather in Bikinis

I was so proud of all of us and we have raised over £600 for Help for Heroes.

We did have another brave lad in a mankini but he got changed before we could snap a picture but they are out there so when I find one I will add it.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends.