Battle Prom Bonanza!!!

14 Aug

I love a festival and have been lucky enough to visit 2 Reading festivals and 2 Glastonburys in the past and as much as I enjoyed those heady days of booze and dancing into the night the thought of doing this these days makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

This weekend however I was lucky enough (thanks to the boyfriend) to go to the battle proms at Althorp House.

We had a beautiful picnic and got all dressed up and thankfully the sun shone all day.

The day was filled with Napoleonic battle displays, Concert Music, Opera singers, Cannons and Fireworks:

My favourite part however was the Spitfire not only because it is an amazing sight to see but the amazing story of the Pilot.

The Pilot of this aircraft was in fact a woman who had learnt to fly after losing her husband and felt the most fitting tribute to him would be to keep his beloved Spitfire flying.

And we are glad she did too. It was an amazing day and I would suggest the Proms to anyone.

Visit for more information on the remaining Battle Prom at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire.



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