RAF Graduation Hat Project…

20 Aug

I am attending the RAF Officers Graduation of my boyfriend in September and have been faced with a dilemma.

The Military has all sorts of rules for attendees when it comes to dress code and although I am more than happy to stick to the rules it is nice to be able to add a personal spin to any outfit luckily the outfit for the days passing out parade includes a hat and if there is one thing here at Doolallytat that we love to make its hats.

My dress is a 1950’s style circle dress in white with navy and Teal Diamonds so to match up I have purchased a teal hat base from Ebay:

And no hat is truely a hat until it has so a bit of Schuzz! so Feathers were a must:

I found these in C&H fabrics in Brighton although I am sure they are available (Cheaper) online and from all good haberdashers.

So now for the Doolallytat spin…..

If you give us a theme we will run with it and what better theme than The RAF with all the aviation history traditions I thought what better addition to my hat than……


I will add some pictures of the finished project when I have finished……….Glue Gun at the ready!……..GO!



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