Things We Love Thursday…

8 Sep


Our lovely little Doolallytat Dude is turning 2 tomorrow and although when asked if he was looking forward to Birthday Cake he said yes we are pretty sure he has no idea of the fun and presents to come.

I am pretty sure that the little dude doesn’t read the blog (He is more of a CBeebies and Geekologie kind of guy) so here is a little sneek peek at the pressie his Aunty JJ has got for him:


For those of you haven’t heard of Trunki they are amazing ride on suitcases for little uns’  to try and take a little bit of stress out of holidays when your little angel is screaming ‘Are we there yet’ or saying ‘Mum Mum Mum ‘for the 10000th time.

The people at Trunki have been amazing The Trunkisaurus is new and they were unsure it was going to come on time but they have really done everything to make sure it was with us in good time for his birthday. So Trunki get the Doolallytat Customer Service award of the week.




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