Smack on the Wrist….

1 Oct

Bad bad blogger …….

I am so sorry for the huge gap in posts. Craft fairs seem few and far between at the moment and although I know we should be gearing up for Autumn and Christmas crafts (I know I mentioned the C word but you have to craft early for these things) The unseasonabley hot weather and a suprisingly full Calender has meant I have rather let the blog slip.

Firstly here is a picture of me (Looking quite smug for some reason, I can assure you it was a very cold day in september and I am just trying not to shiver for the picture) wearing the spitfire hat I mentioned a few blogs ago. It isn’t the greatest picture of the hat but I am hoping to get a better one soon when I get other peoples photos.

In other news Doolallytats ‘H’ has taken up Cross Stitch so stay tuned for some Doolallytat Cross Stitch Creations coming soon. If anyone knows of any cool Cross Stitch type sites do let us know in the comments.

Both of us Doolally Birds are off to do a days Jewellery making course in November too which we can’t wait for. The tutor is Jewellery designer Clara Vichi who makes some amazing contemporary bits and pieces check her out here

Bit of a wait till the class in November but lots of time to get some inspiration.

I hope you are keeping cool in this weather…….Time for another Ice Lolly I think!



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