Spooky Thrills & Crafty Chills

26 Oct

I love England with it’s insanely unpredictable weather and ability to show you the most polite and kind people in the world right along side the more shall we say yobbish! (Usually all crammed into one train carriage wishing they were anywhere but where they are)

BUT one thing England is only just starting to catch up with is the pure joy and amazing holiday that is HALLOWEEN……..

I know in Ye Olden days we ‘loved’ a witch as much as the next place but we never really picked up on this celebration of all things ghastly and ghoulish until recently.

Now it seems you cannot move for rubber snakes and ghost costumes in every shop you see.
Although I wish that maybe people would stick to more of a Halloween theme and less of a wear very little and look a little like a stripper style of costume ( Its October people even with the recent weather, It’s too damn cold!)

Here are a few offerings from Leg Avenue a Spooky Witch, A Scary Bear and a Errrrr Bee????

Here at Doolallytat towers we are polishing the cauldron and practising our cackles. Not to mention getting in some last minute crafting:

So lets get our Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble On People.
Mwahahahah ah ah ah ah ah ahahahahahaha!!!!! Cough Cough…….Oh excuse me…….



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