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Doolallytat Q&A…

31 Jan

My fellow Blogger and Friend at Paperbagblog has posed 11 Questions to myself and 6 other bloggers listed below.

The Rules are as follows:

List 11 fun facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions your ‘tagger’ has given you, nominate as many bloggers as you fancy and set 11 questions for them to answer!

Here are my answers:

1. What’s your favourite food and drink?

My favourite food is Marmite it is so versatile on toast in sandwiches and in pasta I also enjoy eating it by the spoonful in front of Marmite Haters! My favourite drink is and always will be a good strong cup of Tea!

2. Are you a sweet or savoury person?

Savoury for sure: Crisps, Peanuts, Salted Popcorn…..Need I say more

3. What’s your happiest memory?

Me and my big Sis making up our own games as kids including such gems as ‘Wallys Wacky Land’ and our own version of the TV show Knightmare with very few rules.

4. What’s your greatest achievement?

Arranging the Brighton Bikini Run for Help for Heroes and actually managing to run 2 miles in said Bikini without any accidents!

5. Favourite city?

London will always be in my heart all my family are Londoners and I have so many happy memories of days out with my aunty and uncle including meeting a beefeater who had his finger bitten off by a Raven (At least this is what he told us)

6. Who is your secret, embarrassing crush?

It’s not embarrassing at all (Well I don’t think so) Mr Jeff Bridges

7. Favourite musician, film and writer?

Musician- Regina Spektor – I saw her in Brighton and fell in love with her beautiful lyrics and playfulness

Film- Anything by Studio Ghibli if I could only choose one it would be My Neighbour Totoro

Writer- Hunter S Thompson I have read everything the genius has ever written.

8. You have the whole afternoon to yourself – how do you spend it?

Crafting and generally making a mess with anything I can get my hands on!

9. What would be your dream job?

Cat Wrangler.

10. Favourite childhood memory?

An amazing dance routine me and Big Sis used to do to the Bangles Eternal Flame (I still remember all the moves)

11. Sum yourself up in 5 words!

Creative,Passionate, Geeky, Caring and Doolally……

Wow! that was fun and it is amazing how a few simple questions can put such a big fat smile on your face!

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Weekend Wind Down…

29 Jan

After one of the maddest weeks of my life I was in serious need of the weekend. Due to some plans which were made before the madness began I had the weekend sans Boyfriend.

This did however give some free time for the Doolallytat Girls to go on a Charity and Bric a Brac Shop rummage.

We had hoped to start our Vintage teacup collection and after going into 7 different shops we found exactly 0 Teacups. We did however find an Egg Coddler:

This may seem like a strange purchase but we have been looking for these little babies for absolutely ages.

We also bought ourselves a majestic horse……Again this may also seem like an odd purchase but more will be revealed about this little baby in the next week after he has had a little bath and a little Doolallytat Love:

I promise I will show you the results as soon as he is ready.

Right on to another busy week, I have a lot to do and a lot of change ahead………Wish me Luck!


What A Day What A Day!

27 Jan

Wowzers what a week I have had, bad news at work, starting a new fitness routine then a really rather happy end to it all with new starts and some yummy post:


I received the Men’s Glossy box for my bloke. I will do a proper Blog about it once he has tried some of the products out.

I also received the new Doolallytat Moo Cards and I am so so happy with the result:

The Doolallytat girls have planned to go for a jumble sale rummage this weekend so hopefully I can report back with some bargains.



Get In Shape Girl…

26 Jan

Exercise is a four letter word in my vocabulary and although I love Cake and have for many years turned my nose up at the thought of going to a Gym (Shudder) or to Exercise Classes (Shudder) I realise that if I want to have a healthy and happy year it is time to GET IN SHAPE!

Here at Doolallytat Towers  we both  grew up in the 80’s and to anyone else who did may remember ‘Get In Shape Girl’

This is when exercise was fun. We would put the tape into the portable tape deck strap on the pink weights and listen to the amazing cheesy music, Then generally just jump around like looney’s for an hour.

The problem is when you are a kid you have boundless energy and nowadays not so much………..

Painful Knees, Arms that feel like they will drop off and for some weird reason Achy buttocks?!? These are all now in my life and do you know what?


The Doolallytat Girls went to Aqua Aerobics on Wednesday and it hard work and hilarious.

One of The Doolallytat Girls even wore full make up and a pin up style swim suit…….I will let you guess which one!


Glossy Gifts & A Box of Tricks…

25 Jan

I just signed up to GlossyBox after seeing the advert in Stylist Magazine a few months back.

For those that haven’t seen GlossyBox they are a monthly subscription company who send a box of 5 yummy cosmetic and beauty samples straight to your front door. It costs £10.00 +pp for the womens box and they now offer a box for the blokes too which comes every 3 months and costs £15.00 +pp however the boys get 7 samples (lucky them)

I was so pleased with my first box it was beautifully packaged and it felt like i was receiving a really lovely gift (if not one paid for by myself) I received a full sized Ritual foaming shower gel, Full sized Nip + Fab Spot Fix, Blink & Go Eyeshadow and blusher combo also full sized, Deborah Lippmann nail varnish a sample of her Nail varnish remover and a Cargo Lipgloss.


I am really looking forward to my next box which I have heard will be bright pink and Valentines themed!


Too Much of A Good Thing…Can Be Wonderful…

23 Jan

I admit that I find it quite easy to get caught up in a fad especially when it comes to crafting. It is so easy to see something handmade and think ‘I will give it a go’  Most of the time tutorials are pretty good and you can make some amazing stuff other times it can me a complete disaster.

But it is always worth giving it a go. When I bought the gear to make the wire rings I was expecting it to end with another load of unused tools and unloved material and that it would be filed in the impossible drawer along with trying to Knit (I have never got the hang of this and Cats are not helpful with Wool) and Needle Felting (A craft that takes so long each tiny felt animal would cost £100 each)

I have however fallen Head over Heels for Ring Making…


This was my first attempt and I have to say I suprised myself at mow much I enjoyed making it and how pleased as punch I was with the result.

This has also solved my dilemma of trying to find beautiful affordable stack rings….

I am so happy with the results and with a bit of a kick up the bottom from my friend at PaperBagBlog, I am looking into getting an Online shop to sell my creations. So Watch this Space……


Oooh La La……

22 Jan

Newest piece of kitsch at Doolallytat towers.

I’m in love with anything kitsch or remotely tacky and when I saw this up for auction i knew it had to be mine. Madame Pompador powder bowl fabulous!

I’m beginning to think I might have a problem this is only the tip of my tiny (cough cough) tacky iceburg.

The wonderful Yorkshire terrier key hook was our grandmas and whilst sorting through some of her bits was put in the I don’t know what to do with it box…

Until I came along what is more to me than a tatty key hook it’s a memory and with a bit of TLC will take pride of place on the wall at doolallytat towers. Along with my amazing brass flying swallows, my glass terrarium with dried flowers completed with a butterfly, shire horses with cart, flamingo salt and pepper shakers… I could go on and on……