Happy New Year!!!!

4 Jan



It looks like this year is going to be a big one here in good old Blighty. We have the Olympic games (of which I will be sat in the safety of my house watching on the telly) and most excitingly for us at Doolallytat towers The Diamond Jubilee.

Why so excited about this you may ask. Well I shall tell you……..

Crowns, Banners, Union Jacks, Fake Fur, Cake, G&T’s, Strawberries, Champagne, Bling, Glitter, Big Frocks with Sashes and Red Lipstick these are truly a few of our favourite things. Not to mention all the coverage on the TV meaning lots of Prince Harry!!!!

I am hoping to get a whole Doolallytat Diamond Jubilee range out in time and hopefully all the celebrations will mean lots of Craft Fairs to sell our wares.

In other 2012 news it being a new year and all it is of course time for all those lovely resolutions so I thought I may share some of mine with you

1. Be Healthier (I am failing this already due to a cold)

2. Be Happier – I really do have a rather wonderful life so I must smile more

3. Be More Spontaneous – I am a little worried this one may scupper number 4

4. SAVE SAVE SAVE – Time to start saving for a place of my own 2012 the year of frugal living

5. Do More for Charity – Starting with donating some of my bra’s to http://www.support1000.org/about/ and hopefully arranging another Bikini Run in the summer



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