Jewellery Thrills and Ninja Spills…

8 Jan

Had a little bit of a quiet one this weekend due to a dreaded cold, This did however give me time to sort out my wardrobe, craft stuff and left a little time for my favourite activity.


I am now the proud owner of a ring mandrel (Not to be confused with a Mandrill)


and some rather lovely Gold Wire in the hope that soon I shall be able to add Wire Wrapped rings to the Doolallytat inventory.

This beautiful example is by Spirals and Spice on etsy.

I will let you know how I get on once it all arrives in the post (Hopefully not with a primate)

Now for something completely different:

All round acrobat and clumsy mare ‘H’ has managed to splendiferously injure herself this weekend. I will let her explain:

Due to Hubby saying I was grumpy and me trying to prove I wasn’t with a swift and sure Ninja kick to his buttocks! I am sad to say I did indeed stack it! Quite elegantly I smacked my hand on a radiator cover and my kadunkadunk and back on the floor. I am blaming it on sloppy socks and laminate flooring.

Hopefully the rest of the year will not be as slippery.



2 Responses to “Jewellery Thrills and Ninja Spills…”

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