Get In Shape Girl…

26 Jan

Exercise is a four letter word in my vocabulary and although I love Cake and have for many years turned my nose up at the thought of going to a Gym (Shudder) or to Exercise Classes (Shudder) I realise that if I want to have a healthy and happy year it is time to GET IN SHAPE!

Here at Doolallytat Towers  we both  grew up in the 80’s and to anyone else who did may remember ‘Get In Shape Girl’

This is when exercise was fun. We would put the tape into the portable tape deck strap on the pink weights and listen to the amazing cheesy music, Then generally just jump around like looney’s for an hour.

The problem is when you are a kid you have boundless energy and nowadays not so much………..

Painful Knees, Arms that feel like they will drop off and for some weird reason Achy buttocks?!? These are all now in my life and do you know what?


The Doolallytat Girls went to Aqua Aerobics on Wednesday and it hard work and hilarious.

One of The Doolallytat Girls even wore full make up and a pin up style swim suit…….I will let you guess which one!



One Response to “Get In Shape Girl…”

  1. linda January 27, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    haven’t been to water aerobics in years , but yes was always great fun….
    I am now into Pilates, goodness me I am exercising and enjoing it!
    Glad your having fun in the water.x

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