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Everybody Wants To Be A Cat…

29 Feb

I am a bit of a Crazy Cat Lady…….

I adore my own fur baby Lebowski. I even put on a strange Russian Voice and talk as though I am him (I have no idea why he is Russian)

Although some of you will think this is crazy those of you with Cats will know how hilarious and cute they can be and no doubt have our own numerous hilarious stories about your pussy cat that only other cat lovers truly appreciate.

And what better way to show your Love for our feline friends but through fashion. Even Victoria Beckham has a cat print dress in her new collection, Although I have a feeling this is a little out of my price range. I am happy to see some other cats popping up including this one:

Lazy Oaf are currently selling this gorgeous dress (Although on me and the rest of you over 5 ft a T-shirt) for £50

I love the tail at the back it is so cute!




28 Feb

Taking Time to Smell The Daffodils…

28 Feb

These weeks really fly by don’t they can you believe it is nearly MARCH……..Me neither.

I always get a little reflective at this time of year, the weather is getting warmer and it won’t be long till I celebrate another Birthday.

This year for the first time in my (soon to be) 29 years I will be celebrating my Birthday away from Blighty and instead the good old U.S of A will have the pleasure of me and my partying ways!

However I thought this would also be a good chance to make a to do list! My lovely friend over at Paperbagblog has been doing these lists and seeing her cross things off has made me really want to achieve some goals too.

So here it goes:

1. Join an exercise class or at least go swimming once a week.

2. Start making lunch at home (Eating out everyday really does eat into savings)

3. Make at least 1 item of clothing for summer

4. Try and work out what I want to be when I grow up!?!

5. Look for more creative courses to learn new skills

6. Craft Fairs! Find and Attend more more more!

7. Have a good old clear out of clothes and tidy up craft stuff

8. Smile more!

I know that most of these are not going to happen over night, number 4 for instance I know is a big one for most people of all ages.

But hopefully I can at least start acting on some of the easier ones and hopefully get to cross them all off soon.


High Street Edit

26 Feb
High Street Edit

Design Rights and Online Fights…

26 Feb

The catwalk is of course the main point of inspiration for Highstreet design, From Colour blocking, 1950’S Dresses and some very familiar Prada patterns cropping up in Primark it is difficult to see how some of these shops can so obviously copy these expensive but none the less original design collections with no ramification.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a bargain as much as the next girl but I truly had a gasp out loud moment when I saw that Tatty Devine designers Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine had had their beautiful designs Knocked off by Claires Accessories.

Spot the Difference indeed:

Tatty Devine have been designing these fab and Kitsch creations since 1999 all their designs are made in England and have long been putting a smile on our faces.

This makes it so much more horrifying that a High Street Store feel they can just so blatantly copy these designs and sell them at such a reduced rate (and reduced quality)

It now seems the Tatty Devine duo have called in the lawyers over this and I will await with great interest the result of the case.

While going to craft fairs you will obviously find people selling the same kind of wares knitted fashion pieces, Cushions and Jewellery however it is unlikely you will stumble across an obvious copy of someone else work. Much like the world of Burlesque copying someone else’s gimmick is a big No No in the world of crafting!

The key is ‘Be Inspired not a Copycat’ Why not try and make your own jewellery and by all means take inspiration from other designs out there but not to the detriment of someone else’s vision and hard work.

We here at Doolallytat Towers wish the girls all the best!



22 Feb

I got my new Glossybox on Tuesday and although I am not planning on reviewing every item on the Blog I did want to share with you my thoughts on one of the products: imPRESS the Press on Manicure.

I received a full packet of these in my February box and although I wasn’t impressed with the colour they sent me I did like the idea of these rather snazzy press on nails and so gave them a go

I was worried to start with as they are self adhesive and I had flashbacks to those plastic nails you used to get with what was basically double sided tape and they would ping off at any opportunity, but these bad boys seem to have a pretty strong stick.

As I wasn’t keen on the colour I received in my box so I went and treated myself to a French Polish set oddly called Rock It!?

The packaging is quite funky and all the nails are stored in a nail varnish shape container.

(Also above you can see a little bit of a before picture of my unloved and unpainted nails)

So I read and followed the instructions and here is the result:

(Sorry about the weird claw picture I didn’t really know how to photograph my hand)

I was quite impressed with the result and don’t look too fake even close up, They are also not too long so I can still type and use my iphone with them on.

I think I would use them again and may even give some of the more funky ones a go!



Grown Up Glam…

21 Feb
Grown Up Glam...