My Lovely Horse……

2 Feb

You see some amazing things everything from Cigar Box Guitars, Vegan Make Up and Life sized barbie swimwear.

The best thing I have ever seen however was a Chalk Board Horse, For years now here at Doolallytat towers we have been looking for a mighty steed to paint up and chalk our musings on to.

For those of you who read the blog regularly you will know we found our Lovely Horse last weekend when we found him he was a working horse pulling a cart laden with barrels. I soon cut him free of his reigns and gave him a good ol’ bath to clean his especially grubby feet:

After a bit of elbow grease and washing up bubbles he was ready for painting and I have to say I was instantly happy with the result instead of using brush on paint I bought a Spray can of Plasti-Kote Chalkboard paint and it was amazing! I recommend it for all your Chalkboard Horse needs.

Anyway here is the finished result:

Seriously that was all I could think to write on him at the time. He really does look very cool and is a lot more fun way to remember to buy milk than a conventional Chalkboard.

Now what other animals can I make into Chalkboards???

Don’t worry Lebowski I don’t mean you……..




One Response to “My Lovely Horse……”

  1. linda February 4, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    Lebowski looks a bit like our first cat Buddy, who came along with Ginger to where Nan lives now. He , however rather liked the Butchers round the corner that we lived over previously ,and so kept going back there … so we let him stay there in the end… ah lovely Buddy and Lebowski. x

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