Sunshine Wishes and Bunny Kisses…

20 Feb

Come on Spring! Hurry up! We are waiting for you!

I cannot be the only one who is wanting some more sunshine and to be able to wear shorts without wooly tights and to maybe even frolick around in a field……Or something like that (to be honest I would settle for not having to wear a scarf at the moment)

I am fed up of this fake sunshine that looks so inviting in the morning and then freezes your bits off once you step outside. Although this being said I piled on the layers at the weekend and me and my bloke ventured into the cold on the mission to find some clothes for our holiday (Thankfully which is in much warmer climes) I didn’t do so well on the clothes front and only found one bargain this H&M Conscious Collection Kimono which I got for the princely sum of £7

I am hoping it will come in handy in the evenings on our hols as it is quite thin and so the evening humidity won’t kill me.

This however was not my favorite find of the day…

I love TK Maxx mainly for their Home wares section than the clothing and on this particular visit I fell in LOVE…

With a Bunny!

He is part of The Stone Bunny Inc Collection by Telle M Stein and although the website doesn’t seem to be running anymore I am sure a Google search would bring up more of these pretty chaps.

I am hoping he may become a key part of the Easter Egg hunt that happens at our house every year!

Even Lebowski made friends although I suspect he is just after the ribbon.



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