22 Feb

I got my new Glossybox on Tuesday and although I am not planning on reviewing every item on the Blog I did want to share with you my thoughts on one of the products: imPRESS the Press on Manicure.

I received a full packet of these in my February box and although I wasn’t impressed with the colour they sent me I did like the idea of these rather snazzy press on nails and so gave them a go

I was worried to start with as they are self adhesive and I had flashbacks to those plastic nails you used to get with what was basically double sided tape and they would ping off at any opportunity, but these bad boys seem to have a pretty strong stick.

As I wasn’t keen on the colour I received in my box so I went and treated myself to a French Polish set oddly called Rock It!?

The packaging is quite funky and all the nails are stored in a nail varnish shape container.

(Also above you can see a little bit of a before picture of my unloved and unpainted nails)

So I read and followed the instructions and here is the result:

(Sorry about the weird claw picture I didn’t really know how to photograph my hand)

I was quite impressed with the result and don’t look too fake even close up, They are also not too long so I can still type and use my iphone with them on.

I think I would use them again and may even give some of the more funky ones a go!




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