Design Rights and Online Fights…

26 Feb

The catwalk is of course the main point of inspiration for Highstreet design, From Colour blocking, 1950’S Dresses and some very familiar Prada patterns cropping up in Primark it is difficult to see how some of these shops can so obviously copy these expensive but none the less original design collections with no ramification.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a bargain as much as the next girl but I truly had a gasp out loud moment when I saw that Tatty Devine designers Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine had had their beautiful designs Knocked off by Claires Accessories.

Spot the Difference indeed:

Tatty Devine have been designing these fab and Kitsch creations since 1999 all their designs are made in England and have long been putting a smile on our faces.

This makes it so much more horrifying that a High Street Store feel they can just so blatantly copy these designs and sell them at such a reduced rate (and reduced quality)

It now seems the Tatty Devine duo have called in the lawyers over this and I will await with great interest the result of the case.

While going to craft fairs you will obviously find people selling the same kind of wares knitted fashion pieces, Cushions and Jewellery however it is unlikely you will stumble across an obvious copy of someone else work. Much like the world of Burlesque copying someone else’s gimmick is a big No No in the world of crafting!

The key is ‘Be Inspired not a Copycat’ Why not try and make your own jewellery and by all means take inspiration from other designs out there but not to the detriment of someone else’s vision and hard work.

We here at Doolallytat Towers wish the girls all the best!



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