Things We Love Thursday…

15 Mar

This week has utterly flown by and we even had some sunshine……..Oh and masses of Sea Mist!

But through the fog we have still had time to fall in love with lots of beautiful things so here we are to share:

1. Buttons Buttons and More Buttons

For some reason Buttons make me very happy there is something about them all shiny and colourful. I remember thinking that they were really something special when I was little and I would love looking through my Grandmas button box as if it was a sort of treasure chest.

I now have my very own Button jar and just bought these beauties to add to the collection:

They are such yummy pastel colours and some of these pretty little gems will be made into rings and hair clips for the Doolallytat collection.

2. Freestlin’ Crochet

Not actual crochet you see but self taught and looking good but not quite Crochet, Crochet.

There has been talk of Crochet lessons although I am liking no actual I am LOVING the gusto of just giving it a good old go!

3. Holidays!!!!!

Yes I am lucky enough to be heading off to my favorite hotel in London at the weekend, A gig on Monday and then off to sunny sunny Florida after that. I have so far packed my bag, unpacked it and packed it again at least 7 times and I am guessing this will happen a few more times before take off.

Well on that note I guess I better go and check my bag again!








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