Nice Day For A White Wedding…

31 Mar

I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that I am to attend 3 weddings and a christening this year meaning I am spending most of my spare time planning outfits.

The task of choosing a perfect wedding outfit is one that fills me with dread as the weddings & Christening are all for friends & family of my boyfriend, meaning I have no prior knowledge of what I will be expected to wear and no-one to really ask!

I was lucky earlier in the year and found some amazing bargain dresses in the H&M Sale including this orange number that will probably be saved for the Autumn wedding later in the year.


I was super excited when I received an email from H&M letting me know they had another sale on giving me the chance to maybe pick up a few more outfits. There wasn’t a huge amount available but after routing and digging around I did find a few bargains…….including these beauties:



The A-Line dress looks great with a belt and looks a lot better on than it does hanging limp on a hanger!

I also treated myself to a little clutch bag……because as we all know girls You can never have too many bags:


Hopefully I am now ready for all these events and hopefully I will be dressed appropriately for each one (Fingers Crossed)



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