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Friday Finds…

27 Apr

What better way to spend my train journey up to see Mr B than scouring the Internet for wonderful lust worthy bits and bobs!

Firstly this beautiful Ottomon I have been dreaming about owning this gorgeous piece since seeing it on etsy:


I love everything in this image and although it wouldn’t work to keep the plant pot on top with my cat Bowski jumping around the place, I really love how this has been styled. Not to mention that beautiful sofa……Love Love Love.

The next thing I have my crafty sights set on is this amazing record cake stand. It is such a great recycling project not to mention the fun that could be had looking for food themed records…… ummm……… The Monster Mash!?!? ok so not a great example but you get the point.


I have also stumbled across this amazing shop called A Two Pipe Problem They sell such yummy prints but this one is for sure my fav:


Well best start paying attention to what station is coming up I really don’t want to get lost.

Have a fantastic weekend you beautiful lot



Crafty and Cross Stitch Creations…

26 Apr

What a busy week what with work and then trying to find time between playing Draw Some there is very little time for crafting….


There is always time for crafting

Last night I started making the first few Doolallytat Jubilee Button rings and they are seriously as cute as……….well a button.


And then today Doolallytat’s H has been putting her hand to some cross stitch wonderfulness:


And I must say I am very impressed although apparently the back of the stitching is not quite as neat as the front! (no picture of the back was made available)

I am off to visit Mr B and going to a surprise party this weekend so I am hoping to get started on some crafty bits that can be finished on my train journey tomorrow. So if you happen to see a girl on a train sewing and drinking lots of tea it could very well be me.


Glamourous Camping aka Glamping!

24 Apr

Last week I was in the wilds of Dorset in a place called Blandford Forum Glamping of all things. Now when we booked to go we thought It was a good idea I mean how bad could the weather be, last April was hot the April before was hot but this April freezing rainy and windy in other words amazing British weather. Our stay was booked through a company called Featherdown Farm they are dotted around the UK and also have some farms in France. The farm we stayed on was called Mount Pleasant it used to be a dairy farm but due to the shocking price they now get for milk it is trying different avenues.


It was a mega busy time for them as it is lambing season they also had calfs, piglets which were born at the beginning of April (I love a pig and managed to get this super cute picture very charlottes web!) and on top of that two baby goats which we got to bottle feed, chickens which were kind enough to lay fresh eggs for breakie. They also have race horses and two super cute ponys.


Despite the weather we had a lovely time, the tent we stayed in was gorgeous, rustic with such cute little details, lovely enamel cups and plates,hearts cut out of the wooden doors and you cook and keep warm on a wood burning stove. One of the major plus points as opposed to camping is that you sleep on a proper bed you have a toilet and running cold water. They have a little shop where you can buy essentials plus produce from the farm and if you want the lovely farmers wife will deliver fresh bread cooked from the AGA direct to your tent every morning…. heaven!


While we were there we explored the local area the hubby was loving driving through the fords and the winding country roads. We even took a trip to Monkey World which is an amazing place that rescues monkeys and is definitely worth a visit to see the great work they do there rehabilitating them.


We also popped to the town of Dorchester and took a trip to Weymouth. The only thing which could have made our stay any better would have been some sunshine!


Spontaneous Shenanigans…

22 Apr

This weekend saw the first of the weddings me and Mr B have been invited too so far this year. It was a lovely event and as it was a Military wedding so there were lots of uniforms on display which always makes it seem so special.

We didn’t take too many photos as we were too busy dancing to the amazing band who played all sorts of soul and Motown hits!

But here is one of us looking a little squiffy towards the end of the night:


My dress was so comfy and my shoes only started to attack my feet at the end of the night although luckily I had packed my trusty Rollasole Flats which I highly recommend.

The wedding took place Near Eastbourne and although we had an amazing breakfast at a cafe in the town there wasn’t much else to do in the town on a Sunday. So completely on a whim me and Mr B decided to go to London!

We went to one of our Fav restaurants Cha Cha Moons where they have the most amazing chicken dumplings ever….


We also saw a man in carnaby street go up and tell a complete stranger how gorgeous she looked, in his words ‘just because I thought you should know’

And of course saw all those crazy, brave and fit enough who ran the London Marathon. Congratulations to you all.

Now after all that time for a lay down and a cuppa!


Things We Love Thursday…

19 Apr

I have been spending a lot of time on the Internet this week looking for inspiration of some new projects. My first love this week is hats:


I am in love with this hat although I am unsure of its origin (if anyone knows let me know I would love to see more of these creations)

This has also lead me to my second love of the week FEATHERS!!!

In all shapes and sizes and colours, we are hoping to use some feathers in some doolallytat projects soon so watch this space.


My third love of the week was one that happened on my lunch hour today whilst looking for a pair of ballet pumps (with not much success)

Look at these Beauties:


I have always loved seamed stockings and tights but these gorgeous pair are so swanky I don’t think I can resist.

I am so excited about attending the first of the weddings I have been invited to this weekend and although it looks like it may be a rainy one I am sure it will be beautiful and I really hope that the rain just adds to the beauty of the day.

I recommend looking at images on the Internet of rainy weddings as there are some gorgeous pictures out there for some rainy wedding inspiration.


Crafting for Queen and Country…

17 Apr

After waiting far to long to get back to a craft fair due to holidays, weddings and other distractions
Doolallytat are back at Barties Boutique on 12/05/12

We are really hoping to go all out on the Diamond Jubilee crafts so here’s hoping everybody is in the same spirits as we are and loving our union jack and Queenie crafts!

We shall have cupcake picks and wrappers for all your street parties, patriotic button rings, pin wheels, retro fan decorations and maybe even some paper chain packs!

And I am going to get my hands on some of these lovely buttons to make some special edition button rings:


I am also thinking about putting together some perfect pinup pamper boxes so everyone can get that amazing 1950’s look fit for a queen!


I would love to hear your comments on the pin up box idea and also if you would like some 50’s hairstyle hints for the day I can do a special victory roll post for all you retro hair fans.

Long Live The Queen!!!


Buttons, Boxes and More Gin…

15 Apr

I have had one of those get down and get stuff done days today.

I have had a big tidy through all my clothes, cosmetics and craft supplies and feel shattered but satisfied at my now orderly stuff.

I even stopped a few times to get on with a few craft projects firstly attaching the Gin decanter tag from yesterday’s thrift shopping to a long gold necklace chain. I am really happy with how it looks and I am sure it will be quite a conversation starter!


I also managed to get my box project finished. The box was a bargain at £1.99 from The Range it was pretty plain when I brought it and was just a pale pine type colour (I forgot to take before pictures because I was so excited about getting it painted)

I used some left over Plasti-Kote spray paint in a Tiffany’s blue shade and then when it was dry gave it a good sanding to get that shabby chic look. The only thing then left to do was to go to town with some buttons and a hot glue gun.

I was really impressed with the result and I think it would make a lovely gift or a great jewellery box:



I think I will definitely be doing this project again it was really fun and super quick as the spray paint dries so quickly. I think I will give a metallic spray a go next time.