Clothes Mountain And A Cat Called Claude’s

2 Apr

This weekend has gone by like a flash. I have been on a spring clean sort out mission, mainly because I’m a hoarder and cannot stand throwing anything away that still has some form of life left in it. I can picture myself now…. 80 living with about 20 animals that I’ve acquired, surrounded by stuff I have collected, but one thing I’m sure I will (hopefully) be looking and dressing more like Honour Blackman than a mad old hoarder lady.

I’m planning on selling the majority of my clothes on good old eBay. I’m ashamed to say i have in the past had a touch of the shopaholic about me, i don’t wear most of my clothes and they are just sitting in cupboards and draws most only been worn once or twice. So time for a fresh start sell old clothes to make room and money for new more carefully chosen clothes. I’ve also made a promise to myself the moment I put something on then take it off again more than once on eBay it goes, so I don’t end up in the clothes pile madness I’m in now.

This is Claude’s enjoying a climb on clothes mountain….. Yes the pile is nearly a metre high!


I also sorted out the shed! Oh what a glamourous life I lead. But I did managed to get rid of 3 big bags of stuff old tins of paint, broken gardening tools and a load of random stuff which I’m not even sure why I kept. It looks like a completely different persons shed you can actually get things out of it without the fear of being crushed under a pile of stuff.

Then I decided to get my gardening hat on and made up my mini greenhouse popped a couple of plants in it to protect them from the forthcoming frost so now it’s up and ready for me to get my seeds and start sowing.


I also gave my pond a tidy and put on a new wire lid ready to protect the fish I’m going to be getting when it warms up a bit.


This was only the start I went through all my kitchen cupboards and freezer and had a good old sort out…. And do you know what it felt really good the hubby was impressed I was able to throw things out without breaking into a cold sweat, things are looking tidier and for once there’s a little bit of order in the Doolallytat house.

How long this will last you ask…. who knows a week maybe two!



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