The weekend starts right about……………NOW!

5 Apr

Woohoo! Long weekend and so far my plans are all yet too be made, well apart from Sunday when we are all getting together for what I shall now be calling Easter Mega Roast!

There have also been whispers of an Easter egg hunt and although this may in truth be for my Nephew I am sure he will let me help ( as long as I don’t eat any of his choccie)

I am hoping to get some crafting in too thanks to my amazing friend Sarah and the pressie she bought me for my birthday I am now the proud owner of T-Shirt Graffiti pens:


I used to love designing on blank T-shirts when I was younger, us Doolallytat girls also used to love nothing more than adding neon puff paint to every piece of stonewashed denim we owned (finished of with a Kylie and Jason badge of course)

Well without giving to much away I have used the pens to create a special gift for Doolallytat’s H so once I have given it to her on Sunday I will post a picture. Let’s just say it involves 2 of her favourite things…..

I hope everybody has an amazing bank holiday and that the Easter Bunny visits you!




One Response to “The weekend starts right about……………NOW!”

  1. Sarah April 8, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

    Yay t shirt pens!!! Yay Kylie and Jason badges!!!

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