Crafting for Queen and Country…

17 Apr

After waiting far to long to get back to a craft fair due to holidays, weddings and other distractions
Doolallytat are back at Barties Boutique on 12/05/12

We are really hoping to go all out on the Diamond Jubilee crafts so here’s hoping everybody is in the same spirits as we are and loving our union jack and Queenie crafts!

We shall have cupcake picks and wrappers for all your street parties, patriotic button rings, pin wheels, retro fan decorations and maybe even some paper chain packs!

And I am going to get my hands on some of these lovely buttons to make some special edition button rings:


I am also thinking about putting together some perfect pinup pamper boxes so everyone can get that amazing 1950’s look fit for a queen!


I would love to hear your comments on the pin up box idea and also if you would like some 50’s hairstyle hints for the day I can do a special victory roll post for all you retro hair fans.

Long Live The Queen!!!



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