Things We Love Thursday…

19 Apr

I have been spending a lot of time on the Internet this week looking for inspiration of some new projects. My first love this week is hats:


I am in love with this hat although I am unsure of its origin (if anyone knows let me know I would love to see more of these creations)

This has also lead me to my second love of the week FEATHERS!!!

In all shapes and sizes and colours, we are hoping to use some feathers in some doolallytat projects soon so watch this space.


My third love of the week was one that happened on my lunch hour today whilst looking for a pair of ballet pumps (with not much success)

Look at these Beauties:


I have always loved seamed stockings and tights but these gorgeous pair are so swanky I don’t think I can resist.

I am so excited about attending the first of the weddings I have been invited to this weekend and although it looks like it may be a rainy one I am sure it will be beautiful and I really hope that the rain just adds to the beauty of the day.

I recommend looking at images on the Internet of rainy weddings as there are some gorgeous pictures out there for some rainy wedding inspiration.



One Response to “Things We Love Thursday…”

  1. Mandy April 19, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    Love the first image! NICE!
    Little Maison

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