Spontaneous Shenanigans…

22 Apr

This weekend saw the first of the weddings me and Mr B have been invited too so far this year. It was a lovely event and as it was a Military wedding so there were lots of uniforms on display which always makes it seem so special.

We didn’t take too many photos as we were too busy dancing to the amazing band who played all sorts of soul and Motown hits!

But here is one of us looking a little squiffy towards the end of the night:


My dress was so comfy and my shoes only started to attack my feet at the end of the night although luckily I had packed my trusty Rollasole Flats which I highly recommend.

The wedding took place Near Eastbourne and although we had an amazing breakfast at a cafe in the town there wasn’t much else to do in the town on a Sunday. So completely on a whim me and Mr B decided to go to London!

We went to one of our Fav restaurants Cha Cha Moons where they have the most amazing chicken dumplings ever….


We also saw a man in carnaby street go up and tell a complete stranger how gorgeous she looked, in his words ‘just because I thought you should know’

And of course saw all those crazy, brave and fit enough who ran the London Marathon. Congratulations to you all.

Now after all that time for a lay down and a cuppa!



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