Glamourous Camping aka Glamping!

24 Apr

Last week I was in the wilds of Dorset in a place called Blandford Forum Glamping of all things. Now when we booked to go we thought It was a good idea I mean how bad could the weather be, last April was hot the April before was hot but this April freezing rainy and windy in other words amazing British weather. Our stay was booked through a company called Featherdown Farm they are dotted around the UK and also have some farms in France. The farm we stayed on was called Mount Pleasant it used to be a dairy farm but due to the shocking price they now get for milk it is trying different avenues.


It was a mega busy time for them as it is lambing season they also had calfs, piglets which were born at the beginning of April (I love a pig and managed to get this super cute picture very charlottes web!) and on top of that two baby goats which we got to bottle feed, chickens which were kind enough to lay fresh eggs for breakie. They also have race horses and two super cute ponys.


Despite the weather we had a lovely time, the tent we stayed in was gorgeous, rustic with such cute little details, lovely enamel cups and plates,hearts cut out of the wooden doors and you cook and keep warm on a wood burning stove. One of the major plus points as opposed to camping is that you sleep on a proper bed you have a toilet and running cold water. They have a little shop where you can buy essentials plus produce from the farm and if you want the lovely farmers wife will deliver fresh bread cooked from the AGA direct to your tent every morning…. heaven!


While we were there we explored the local area the hubby was loving driving through the fords and the winding country roads. We even took a trip to Monkey World which is an amazing place that rescues monkeys and is definitely worth a visit to see the great work they do there rehabilitating them.


We also popped to the town of Dorchester and took a trip to Weymouth. The only thing which could have made our stay any better would have been some sunshine!



One Response to “Glamourous Camping aka Glamping!”

  1. Long2shop April 25, 2012 at 10:00 am #

    looks super , seems you didn’t let the weather get the best of you, and enjoyed the countryside and delightful animals.

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