Crafty and Cross Stitch Creations…

26 Apr

What a busy week what with work and then trying to find time between playing Draw Some there is very little time for crafting….


There is always time for crafting

Last night I started making the first few Doolallytat Jubilee Button rings and they are seriously as cute as……….well a button.


And then today Doolallytat’s H has been putting her hand to some cross stitch wonderfulness:


And I must say I am very impressed although apparently the back of the stitching is not quite as neat as the front! (no picture of the back was made available)

I am off to visit Mr B and going to a surprise party this weekend so I am hoping to get started on some crafty bits that can be finished on my train journey tomorrow. So if you happen to see a girl on a train sewing and drinking lots of tea it could very well be me.



One Response to “Crafty and Cross Stitch Creations…”

  1. Long2shop April 26, 2012 at 7:03 pm #

    what ho ,
    jolly good show gals, that’s what we like to see ,
    some GREAT BRITISH CRAFTS being used. Absolutely splendid.

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