Friday Finds…

27 Apr

What better way to spend my train journey up to see Mr B than scouring the Internet for wonderful lust worthy bits and bobs!

Firstly this beautiful Ottomon I have been dreaming about owning this gorgeous piece since seeing it on etsy:


I love everything in this image and although it wouldn’t work to keep the plant pot on top with my cat Bowski jumping around the place, I really love how this has been styled. Not to mention that beautiful sofa……Love Love Love.

The next thing I have my crafty sights set on is this amazing record cake stand. It is such a great recycling project not to mention the fun that could be had looking for food themed records…… ummm……… The Monster Mash!?!? ok so not a great example but you get the point.


I have also stumbled across this amazing shop called A Two Pipe Problem They sell such yummy prints but this one is for sure my fav:


Well best start paying attention to what station is coming up I really don’t want to get lost.

Have a fantastic weekend you beautiful lot



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