May Day, May Day…

1 May

White rabbits no return…

Can you believe it is May already? Time seems to gallop by at such an alarming rate

I am still pretty sleepy after a very long weekend of travelling on trains but I have lots to get ready for our next Craft Fair

My cupcake stand fittings had been delivered over the weekend so I managed to make myself this last night:


I know I had mentioned using food themed records but these are pretty hard to come by (Who knew)

I also sent off my first Doolallytat parcel which was rather exciting I had so much fun wrapping it all up and making sure it was just so. I am hoping the recipient is happy with the result too


I am hoping to get some Doolallytat product photography done in the next few weeks so who knows we may even get the Etsy shop up and running soon, I just need to convince Mr B to lend me his amazing camera……maybe a record cupcake stand full of treats will do the trick!?!



One Response to “May Day, May Day…”

  1. paperbagblog May 4, 2012 at 8:20 am #

    Love the cakestand!! I’m sure whoever received your parcel loved it…. 🙂

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