Sunday Showers and Healing Powers…

6 May

I have certainly had what can only be described as a very lazy day. Doolallytat’s H popped over with the hubby to pick up the little’un who had been staying over while they went to a wedding reception.

Unfortunately due to the nasty Gin Devil H was not feeling her usual hot and sprightly self today so we decided the only cure was a dose of Disney and many many cans of a well known fizzy drink!

This did however mean we got to have a good gossip and get a bit of a plan of action for next weekends craft fair which has come around so quickly. It will be the 2nd time we have been at Barties Boutique the last time was considerably sunnier, so we are hoping the inevitable rain does not dampen the general publics hunger and spirit for crafts!

I also started to plan my wonderful stamp hat and as usual got completely side tracked and started making a felt crown instead:


I was quite pleased as a first attempt. It was all cut by hand with no pattern so I think if I can get a pattern together it could look pretty good. Then all I need is to get the trusty sewing machine out and voila instant jubilee fabness.

I am hoping to make the most of the bank holiday tomorrow and at least get out and about for a few hours (weather permitting of course) and then in the afternoon hopefully finally sort out my outfit for the next wedding at the end of the month……….Now what frock will go best with my wellie boots?!?!




One Response to “Sunday Showers and Healing Powers…”

  1. madebymim May 6, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    Love those wellies, fingers crossed for nicer weather for tomorrow and the craft fair

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