A Shabby Chic style kitchen ooh yes please….

16 May

I am getting super excited, everyday I am coming closer to having a new kitchen and extension added to our Home Sweet Home. At the moment my kitchen is a bright shocking pink which is the colour I wanted (I know not everyone’s taste) and the kitchen cupboards were here when we moved in which are not my taste at all.


But the new kitchen means time for a change I’m going country shabby chic yummyness in my head it looks amazing the hubby laughs, I’m one of those people who likes to imagine the finished project not the chaos which comes in between. As at some point I’m going to loose half my kitchen including the kitchen sink when a wall gets knocked down yikes! And that is why I like to concentrate on the finished product.

Choosing a kitchen was a bit of a nightmare and pushy sales people really aren’t my bag. I believe if someone is going to buy something they will do it because they like it not because a sales person is trying to flog it to them. I have very little patience with people like this I know that they are only trying to do a job but the hard sale is never going to work with me, and don’t even get me started on some of the people who we had round to quote for the building work!.

Anyway moving forward now the fun bit….I have already decided I want a range cooker something like this lovely Rangemaster.


A Smeg fridge freezer I’m thinking a pink one but then I do like the minty green one too.


I’ve decided on a ceramic sink instead of a stainless steel one I was originally going for a butler sink but then I had to have real wood work tops and by all accounts they take quite a lot of looking after oiling and sanding and the chance of me burning a hole in it is pretty high.

And then the really exciting bit I love old furniture and am trying to fill the house with furniture which has had a life before it comes and lives with us. I’ve done pretty well so far in the rest of the house with a huge amount of nitromores, elbow grease, time and a bit of paint and voila it’s given me these beauties….


So I’m really hoping I will be able to find a nice old pine country style dining table and a dresser or two im sure in the coming weeks you will be hearing more about my renovation adventures… Wish me luck!



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