Photo Friday

18 May

Us Doolallytat Girls love our Ipad 2’s makes life so much easier than getting the old laptop out. I love the fact you dont have to wait ages for it to turn on…unlike my laptop. That its nice and light and doesn’t feel like its going to burn a hole in my leg…unlike my laptop, and that the screen is so sharp…unlike my laptop.

The thing im slightly disapointed in is how bad the camera on it is unless you take a photo in full beam daylight I feel the photos have a tendency to look really grainy. I know the new and improved iPad has a nice zingy camera so they must have known the camera wasn’t all that great on the iPad 2, but hey if they didn’t make things better each time who would buy the new one!

I regularly use Snapseed to sharpen up my photos and most of the time what was a not so great a photo turns into something that can sometimes even look quite good. This week I discovered the joy that is Instagram and I’m now I’m back in photo taking mode and have been taking pictures of everything and anything.

So I thought that maybe the Doolallytat Girls would start a new post on a Friday called wait for it…… Photo Friday so without further ado….. Drum roll please for the first Photo Friday…





We hope you enjoyed just a taste of what hopefully will become Photo Friday and have inspired you to have a photo fabulous weekend.



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