Don’t Rain On My Parade…

23 May

The sun is shining at long last and I am getting all my hopes up that I may even get to wear some of my Summer wardrobe at the weekend.

Thankfully the weather decided to be on my side last weekend as I was very honored to get a ticket to The Queens Diamond Jubilee Armed Forces Muster. Mr B was marching in the parade and got to march past the Queen (I was a very proud girl)

I also made myself a special Jubilee/London themed hat for the occasion and although I didn’t manage to get very many good pictures due to being armed only with my Iphone camera here are some of the pictures I managed to take and some courtesy off the wonder BBC coverage of the day:





The Queen looked really gorgeous in Turquoise and it was pretty amazing to be in the live audience of one of her speeches.
There was also a Tri Service fly past which was truly amazing including Mr B’s old aircraft the Chinook and the ever awesome Red Arrows.

And before I forget here is the hat I wore:


I got a lot of lovely comments about it and made sure I waved my flag with pride all day.



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