Meeting A Hero!

31 May

I am not a lucky person I don’t tend to win competitions and I think the last time I won the lottery it was £10 in 2001 but a few years ago I signed up to a website called Applause Store after hearing you could apply for free tickets to watch all kinds of shows being filmed.

The concept it pretty simple you sign up and apply to see certain shows and if you are lucky you get chosen and can go along and be “The Audience” in some amazing shows…….If you are lucky

Well I was very very very lucky and managed to get free tickets to my favourite TV show of all time QI not only was this enough to make me do a little happy dance I then realised I would get to see the amazing Stephen Fry in the real (air punch!)


It was an amazing day all round Me and Mr B met up in St James Park and had a lovely time looking at all the weird and wonderful wildlife including a rather cranky Heron and a couple of monstrous Pelicans (who’s beaks can hold more that their belly can) then on to Wagamamas for some lunch from their new Sushi menu


So pretty and yummy too!

We then went to join the queue which was already quite long when we get there ( they send out more tickets than seats as they want a full audience, if you are late you won’t get in) luckily after a lot of waiting around we went in to the studio and saw the familiar desks and met our host Mr Fry and the panel for that show; Katy Brand, Sue Perkins, David Mitchell and of course Alan Davies.

I thought I was going to Pee my pants when I heard the theme music!

We had a wonderful time and I recommend it to anybody, it is quite amazing to see how the filming of these shows work ( 2 hours of filming for a 30 minute show!)

There was no photography in the studio but Mr B managed to snap this as we left


I hope you are all ready for your Jubilee weekend and have your bunting up ready



One Response to “Meeting A Hero!”

  1. dewvintage June 9, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

    This looks amazing! lucky you! and that sushi looks yummy too!

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