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In Full Swing!

30 Jun

So with the walls and ground works to the extension nearly finished and the glazers expected next week it has given me a bit of time without having the builders at the house. I’ve been really lucky the guys have been really sweet and the nicer they are the more cakes they get so it’s win win really!.

After getting off my Hols a bit tired a little bit stressed due to the lost buggy,being too late to collect the dogs from kennels who of course were fine and enjoying there doggy holiday (a doggy mummy does worry you know) to a building site it was enough to make me have a mini panic.



So after being told by the hubby that I’m over reacting and i should be excited and that 30 square meters isn’t small (anyone who knows me will know I have serious measurement issues I have no idea how big anything is or what will fit into the space!) taking a couple of deep breaths a good nights sleep and the following day I was back on it. So with a to do list as long as my arm I’ve started trying to source the best deals for my Smeg fridge Freezer and Rangemaster Cooker looking at flooring samples, lighting, ordering the kitchen and creating a kind of mood board with all my ideas of how the room is going to look and I’m feeling much more positive. Look at this for starters from Coastal living.


And check out this retro microwave from Whirlpool


And some lovely lighting from John Lewis


So bring it on in the next couple of weeks walls are going to be removed which creates a new drama trying to contain two dogs two cats and a two year old i think that might be enough for the next mini breakdown…. Wish me luck



Photo Friday…Minorca Special!

29 Jun
















Back With A Bump!

28 Jun

So after a gorgeous week sunning ourselves in the beautiful island of Minorca the holiday literally ended with a bumpy landing into Gatwick Airport due to this wonderful British summer that we are having, a lost buggy which after a lot of messing around and an hour and fifty minutes later with a very tired little dude we were told it never made it on the plane (could the people of Thompsons not tell us that whilst we were waiting for our luggage!). Luckily we had a super friendly taxi driver who happily waited for us. Then it was home to my building site of a garden (which I will tell you all about another day).


Anyway back to Minorca we stayed in the really pretty area Binibeca Vell in a gorgeous villa with a pool and the sea just a stones throw away. There is a little village that looks like it has a story to tell, and it has! Even though it looks like it has been there years and years it is a relatively new development. It has gorgeous winding tiny cobbled streets and seems to have a good mixture of locals and tourists who live and stay in them.




We visited some beautiful beaches and rocky coves ideal for snorkelling and more fish swimming around than I think I have ever seen (might have had something to do with the bread I was feeding them) The food was delicious the locals were very friendly and were happy for any words that you tried to speak to them in Spanish i even managed to teach the little dude to say hello goodbye and thank you and nearly count up to five in Spanish and the sangria,beer and local cocktail Pomada weren’t bad either!.




So now as I write looking out onto the extension on the house beginning to take shape, my tan fading thinking about how long my to do list is, the beautiful Island of Minorca seems like a distant but wonderful memory.


Time Flies…

26 Jun

The days seem to rush by and I have had little time to think about blogging since getting back from my weekend away, but hopefully normal service shall resume shortly.

I did however have a wonderful weekend, full evening gown, gin and bumper cars what more could a girl need. Unfortunately I spent so much of the time enjoying myself I took very few photos but here are a few I did manage to take:


This is from the beginning of the night as you can see I did well with my glamourous placement right next to Mr B’s ironing board (he loves ironing, he’s definitely a keeper) The dress was very comfortable and I felt wonderful in it. Sadly I will never get to wear it again as the same people tend to go to these do’s so you can’t really wear the same dress twice, so it is off to the dry cleaners and then to be sold so somebody else can enjoy it as much as I did.

This next one is at about midnight so the face is a little shiny, the lipstick has gone and the eyes are a little squiffy although I think I still have a G&T in hand.


The theme of the evening was Best of Britain and there was amazing Music, Food and British themed props everywhere including a phone box, London bus and this prop that led to my favourite image of the evening.


There was due to be a spitfire display but because of the bad weather it was unable to fly but we were lucky enough to catch him practising the next day which was amazing because it felt like our own private showing.

After all that, my journey home on Sunday and the football in the evening (boo, hiss!) I am well and truly pooped and looking forward to next weekend which so far is set to be relaxing and full of not much at all……..Bliss!


You Shall Go To The Ball…

19 Jun

This weekend sees me yet again whisked away with Mr B this time we are attending a Summer Ball being held at his work. This of course means big frocks and lots of Gin!

Although I am quite good at the G&T part, I have never been a huge fan of long dresses and found it difficult to find a dress that I liked and that didn’t cost the earth. This wasn’t easy as every dress I liked was either Dior or Lanvin.

I finally decided to take a huge gamble and ordered a dress from China through eBay. I was amazed at the variety available and the prices were incredible for what was being offered, some of the dresses were so beautiful you would expect to see them on the Red carpet. After a lot of deliberation and measuring I took the plunge and……….

The dress is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! It was delivered so quickly, fit like a dream and has been made beautifully.

I have put a sneaky close up picture here but I promise I will post a full length after the weekend.


As you can see it is a very bright yellow (it is a summer ball after all)

Now all I have to decide on is what hair do and make up to do on the night. I have always been a Vintage up-do kind of girl in the past but I am thinking I may go for a more modern look this time for a change.
As for make up most of my inspiration is Katy Perry shaped and so far these are my 2 favourite looks:



I am sure I will change my mind at least another 100 times before the actual day so I will try and get a hair and make up snap too!

Now all I have to do is try not to trip over the dress, spill my drink and make a fool of myself…………….Well Nobody’s Perfect!


I’m Just A Girl…

18 Jun
I'm Just A Girl...

Photo Friday…

15 Jun