2 Jun

So it’s here the Jubilee Weekend and seeing the houses with Union Jacks being proudly displayed brings me out in little goose bumps. This weekend we have a big street party happening down our road.


As I have an even bigger mouth I offered the Doolallytat Girls crafting services to the street. We will be offering a range of crafting activities for all the little people of our road and their friends approximately 50 children yes yes that does say 50 I’m just hoping they don’t all turn up at once!

Thinking of crafts that wouldnt be too messy, need too much supervision, or cost too much money was a struggle but we decided on….

– Design a Crown
– Colouring in Jubilee Style
– Design A Flag


We also have some balloons which we are going to put on sticks and give to the little monsters! and a ton of bunting that we will be putting up.

I’m also making a few cakes I’m thinking Bundt Cake (surprise surprise!) and some cupcakes i managed to get my hands on some fabulous red,white and blue sprinkles.


They decided the dress code at the street party would be red,white and blue (very original) so as always I like to blend in and hate fancy dress….Not! So will be wearing a Tutu which to be honest is a massive tulle net explosion I might even take a photo of it on if your lucky!!!


So here’s to a very happy Jubilee Weekend Gin and Tonic in hand Let’s do the Queen proud…. Altogether now

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen

Cheers xoxoxo


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