A Weekend Off…

10 Jun

Strangely for my rather crazy hectic life at the moment I have found myself with a weekend off!

This is truly a rarity at the moment so what better way to spend it than doing one of my favourite things……..NOTHING!

I had a wonderful day yesterday looking after Doolallytat H’s little dude for a few hours and watching old Disney movies The Aristocats and Robin Hood. It is funny that in the world of Pixar and CGI these films still have the power to silence and amaze children into what I call a ‘Disney Trance’



The evening was spent catching up with one of my best mates having a good old gossip and eating yummy coconut brownies and of course drinking lots of Tea (I used to be quite Rock and Roll, but this is now my idea of a great evening, It is true I am getting old!)
You can find the recipe here.


As for today it is midday I am still in my Pyjamas and have so far managed a massive Bacon and Egg butty whilst watching David Attenborough documentaries…….Bliss!


So what is planned for the rest of my day?
I am thinking about a massive tidy of my mountains of stuff. Not all that relaxing I grant you but much needed and always a cathartic experience when it is done.

I guess I better get moving…………well maybe just one more Cup of Tea first!



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