They Call Me Mellow Yellow…

11 Jun

Yuck Yuck and Yuck again!

The weather has really decided to show us what for over the last few weeks. Great for the gardens and Ducks but not so great for a girl who would like to be getting a bit of a tan and wearing some of her Summer wardrobe (I love my jeans but my knees are yearning for some sunshine)

I have however come up with a solution to save us all from this gloomy, grey and very wet weather, and that solution is……………YELLOW!

In the past I have never really gravitated towards Yellow but lately I seem to be buying more yellow clothes and finding all sorts of sunshine colour trinkets that are catching my attention.

Here are a few of my favourite finds:


I love all the Pantone products and am lucky enough to own this mug which is available from John Lewis here.


This gorgeous dress is from Topshop as part of their Dress Up Collection.


This beautiful print is available from GusAndLula on Etsy.


And what is a world without sunshine and beautiful shoes?!? Now we can have both thanks to Zara

I hope that has put a smile on your face and a little sunshine in your heart at least until we can get some of the real thing……



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