Time Flies…

26 Jun

The days seem to rush by and I have had little time to think about blogging since getting back from my weekend away, but hopefully normal service shall resume shortly.

I did however have a wonderful weekend, full evening gown, gin and bumper cars what more could a girl need. Unfortunately I spent so much of the time enjoying myself I took very few photos but here are a few I did manage to take:


This is from the beginning of the night as you can see I did well with my glamourous placement right next to Mr B’s ironing board (he loves ironing, he’s definitely a keeper) The dress was very comfortable and I felt wonderful in it. Sadly I will never get to wear it again as the same people tend to go to these do’s so you can’t really wear the same dress twice, so it is off to the dry cleaners and then to be sold so somebody else can enjoy it as much as I did.

This next one is at about midnight so the face is a little shiny, the lipstick has gone and the eyes are a little squiffy although I think I still have a G&T in hand.


The theme of the evening was Best of Britain and there was amazing Music, Food and British themed props everywhere including a phone box, London bus and this prop that led to my favourite image of the evening.


There was due to be a spitfire display but because of the bad weather it was unable to fly but we were lucky enough to catch him practising the next day which was amazing because it felt like our own private showing.

After all that, my journey home on Sunday and the football in the evening (boo, hiss!) I am well and truly pooped and looking forward to next weekend which so far is set to be relaxing and full of not much at all……..Bliss!



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