In Full Swing!

30 Jun

So with the walls and ground works to the extension nearly finished and the glazers expected next week it has given me a bit of time without having the builders at the house. I’ve been really lucky the guys have been really sweet and the nicer they are the more cakes they get so it’s win win really!.

After getting off my Hols a bit tired a little bit stressed due to the lost buggy,being too late to collect the dogs from kennels who of course were fine and enjoying there doggy holiday (a doggy mummy does worry you know) to a building site it was enough to make me have a mini panic.



So after being told by the hubby that I’m over reacting and i should be excited and that 30 square meters isn’t small (anyone who knows me will know I have serious measurement issues I have no idea how big anything is or what will fit into the space!) taking a couple of deep breaths a good nights sleep and the following day I was back on it. So with a to do list as long as my arm I’ve started trying to source the best deals for my Smeg fridge Freezer and Rangemaster Cooker looking at flooring samples, lighting, ordering the kitchen and creating a kind of mood board with all my ideas of how the room is going to look and I’m feeling much more positive. Look at this for starters from Coastal living.


And check out this retro microwave from Whirlpool


And some lovely lighting from John Lewis


So bring it on in the next couple of weeks walls are going to be removed which creates a new drama trying to contain two dogs two cats and a two year old i think that might be enough for the next mini breakdown…. Wish me luck



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