Ring out for a good cause…

3 Jul

When I was at Mr B’s Step Bro’s wedding I got to have a fab chat with his Step Sis Elizabeth. She is a fellow crafter and one of the nicest people I have ever met so I always love catching up and talking about crafty stuff and our Cats.

Well after getting our kitty cats and new projects out the way Elizabeth told me she had been helping her friend Laura out at a few craft fairs raising money for an amazing charity started by Laura’s parents:

Below Laura explains a little more about the charity:

“Following five years of teaching in Tanzania in an international school, my Mum (Sheila Murray) has decided with my dad (Andy Murray) to create a charity. This will be called Teaching and Teachers Africa, or TaTA for short”

“They are aiming to support local, rural teachers with their English, teaching resources and teaching methods, as currently the teachers write on the board and the pupils copy the information. Typically, there can be 100 pupils per class, with only one textbook. They may also be looking to help local families with the school fees, which seem minimal to us, yet are unachievable for the poorest of the poor”

Well Doolallytat wanted to help out and decided that we would send the girls a big parcel of Doolallytat Rings to sell at their next Craft fair:


these are winging there way to the lovely ladies as we speak and I will let you all know when their next event will be and if you are in the Norwich area please pop in and support this amazing charity and these lovely Ladies.




One Response to “Ring out for a good cause…”

  1. madebymim July 3, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    what an amazing thing to support,I have a friend who lives near Norwich and will definitely tell her , and your rings are super cool and bound to makes lots of money for the charity, what a lovely thing to do 🙂

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