Secondhand Love….

5 Jul

I am so excited I’ve been on a search for furniture for the new kitchen/dining/living room or the family room as I’m going to call it for ease and I have been super lucky as I’ve managed to lay my hands on these beauties….

The first is an arm type chair which I fell in love with it needs reupholstering but us Doolallytat girls are always up for a challenge. I need to find some fabric but we decided it can’t be stripy or have a pattern that needs to be matched, to hopefully make the job of reupholstering a little bit easier. I’m also going to rub down the wood and give it a lick of antique white paint.
(Any tips on reupholstering would be greatly received In the comments section)



Next up is my tall plant table which I’m going to use hopefully to put a vase on as a household with cats, I have issues with the little monkeys knocking over vases so I thought getting a tall table which isn’t big enough for the cats to jump onto might just work. (I will let you know how that goes!). I’m going to rub it down and paint it antique white and give it a distressed shabby chic look.



And my favourite this gorgeous glass dresser, I feel a little bad about this one as someone has already painstakingly spent quite a bit of time doing this piece up. Unfortunately I really want the furniture to be antique white so will have to give it a lick of paint but I couldn’t resist the gorgeous glass in this dresser, a great place to store teacups and glasses. I’m also going to have a search for some different handles.


And last but not least these super cute hares too sweet to leave behind!



So with some lovely projects to be getting on with us Doolallytat girls are going to be busy busy busy we will let you know how each project goes.


2 Responses to “Secondhand Love….”

  1. madebymim July 5, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Fab finds, love the hares ! what an amazing dresser! looking forward to seeing the transformations 🙂

  2. Long2shoplinda July 7, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    some super finds ….. good work. Hope the upholstery goes well… there is a good upholstery shop in Worthing somewhere will get link for you x

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