The Week Of Chaos

12 Jul

After a week of chaos which saw a leak into my sitting room because there had to be a massive downpour as the builders removed my flat roof.


A near broken foot after slipping on a dog water bowl spill as I got up quick to answer the door, at some points a house full of 8 workman, pulling up carpet and floorboards for the electrician only to be told he didn’t expect me to do it, a hard time removing the wallpaper from the kitchen walls ready for the plasterer, a cat escaping a dog running out the front gate a two year old who wants to play with the builders tools and the whole house looking like a bombs hit it I’m pretty much over this having stuff done to your house malarkey!

On a plus point I am so happy with how it’s taking shape the guys working at the house couldn’t be nicer they have been a pleasure to have around which I don’t often say about having any workman at the house. The poor guys have managed amazingly considering this lovely rainy British July we are having and are only running a day behind schedule so I am super pleased.


I’ve also continued on my search for furniture and have managed to get my hands on a pine farmhouse table with 6 chairs just like I wanted. We go collect it on Friday and I am super excited I’ve got plans to paint the bottom of the table but leave the top pine and do the same with the chairs.

Doolallytat JJ has made a brilliant start on the arm chair now the job of finding some fabric and the tall table has been rubbed down, undercoated and is ready for its top coat.


The weekend is going to be building steps from the extension down to the garden out of sleepers so keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine. Then next week the mammoth task of painting the walls that is if the plaster has dried out and if I can find a nice chalky white paint!.

Wish me luck!



One Response to “The Week Of Chaos”

  1. Long2shop July 12, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    looking good , light at the end of the tunnell. Handy hint on the removal of wallpaper I found some while ago. Put some fabric conditioner in the bucket of water you are soaking the wallaper with …. double soak with this and i found even rotten old wood chip came off. hope it helps fro you. x

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