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Photo Friday….

13 Jul












Friday Finds…

27 Apr

What better way to spend my train journey up to see Mr B than scouring the Internet for wonderful lust worthy bits and bobs!

Firstly this beautiful Ottomon I have been dreaming about owning this gorgeous piece since seeing it on etsy:


I love everything in this image and although it wouldn’t work to keep the plant pot on top with my cat Bowski jumping around the place, I really love how this has been styled. Not to mention that beautiful sofa……Love Love Love.

The next thing I have my crafty sights set on is this amazing record cake stand. It is such a great recycling project not to mention the fun that could be had looking for food themed records……..like ummm……… The Monster Mash!?!? ok so not a great example but you get the point.


I have also stumbled across this amazing shop called A Two Pipe Problem They sell such yummy prints but this one is for sure my fav:


Well best start paying attention to what station is coming up I really don’t want to get lost.

Have a fantastic weekend you beautiful lot


Clothes Mountain And A Cat Called Claude’s

2 Apr

This weekend has gone by like a flash. I have been on a spring clean sort out mission, mainly because I’m a hoarder and cannot stand throwing anything away that still has some form of life left in it. I can picture myself now…. 80 living with about 20 animals that I’ve acquired, surrounded by stuff I have collected, but one thing I’m sure I will (hopefully) be looking and dressing more like Honour Blackman than a mad old hoarder lady.

I’m planning on selling the majority of my clothes on good old eBay. I’m ashamed to say i have in the past had a touch of the shopaholic about me, i don’t wear most of my clothes and they are just sitting in cupboards and draws most only been worn once or twice. So time for a fresh start sell old clothes to make room and money for new more carefully chosen clothes. I’ve also made a promise to myself the moment I put something on then take it off again more than once on eBay it goes, so I don’t end up in the clothes pile madness I’m in now.

This is Claude’s enjoying a climb on clothes mountain….. Yes the pile is nearly a metre high!


I also sorted out the shed! Oh what a glamourous life I lead. But I did managed to get rid of 3 big bags of stuff old tins of paint, broken gardening tools and a load of random stuff which I’m not even sure why I kept. It looks like a completely different persons shed you can actually get things out of it without the fear of being crushed under a pile of stuff.

Then I decided to get my gardening hat on and made up my mini greenhouse popped a couple of plants in it to protect them from the forthcoming frost so now it’s up and ready for me to get my seeds and start sowing.


I also gave my pond a tidy and put on a new wire lid ready to protect the fish I’m going to be getting when it warms up a bit.


This was only the start I went through all my kitchen cupboards and freezer and had a good old sort out…. And do you know what it felt really good the hubby was impressed I was able to throw things out without breaking into a cold sweat, things are looking tidier and for once there’s a little bit of order in the Doolallytat house.

How long this will last you ask…. who knows a week maybe two!


Home Again Home Again Jiggly De Jig…

29 Mar

Well I am back after my holiday in Florida. The weather was hot ( although I am still a whiter shade of pale) and I ate my own body weight in food and all in all it was a fabulous break.

We skipped all the usual tourist traps like Disney and Universal and instead decided to have our own style holiday. We ate out alot and went for lots of drives finding some amazing places and lizards on the way.


We were going to visit Cocoa Beach but on the advice of a local taxi driver visited Clearwater instead and it was totally the right choice, White sands, lots of sun, pelicans and funnily enough very Clearwater.


It was a yummy break away and it was nice to get some sun on my cold bones but I have to say coming home was lovely too seeing all my family (March is a big Doolallytat birthday month) and enjoying the English sunshine and a good cup of tea.

Also being able to get a salad without dressing and more than broccoli covered in butter has been really nice. Not to mention getting away from food like this:


Hopefully we will have more craft fair and Diamond jubilee news to share soon.


Taking Time to Smell The Daffodils…

28 Feb

These weeks really fly by don’t they can you believe it is nearly MARCH……..Me neither.

I always get a little reflective at this time of year, the weather is getting warmer and it won’t be long till I celebrate another Birthday.

This year for the first time in my (soon to be) 29 years I will be celebrating my Birthday away from Blighty and instead the good old U.S of A will have the pleasure of me and my partying ways!

However I thought this would also be a good chance to make a to do list! My lovely friend over at Paperbagblog has been doing these lists and seeing her cross things off has made me really want to achieve some goals too.

So here it goes:

1. Join an exercise class or at least go swimming once a week.

2. Start making lunch at home (Eating out everyday really does eat into savings)

3. Make at least 1 item of clothing for summer

4. Try and work out what I want to be when I grow up!?!

5. Look for more creative courses to learn new skills

6. Craft Fairs! Find and Attend more more more!

7. Have a good old clear out of clothes and tidy up craft stuff

8. Smile more!

I know that most of these are not going to happen over night, number 4 for instance I know is a big one for most people of all ages.

But hopefully I can at least start acting on some of the easier ones and hopefully get to cross them all off soon.


Sunshine Wishes and Bunny Kisses…

20 Feb

Come on Spring! Hurry up! We are waiting for you!

I cannot be the only one who is wanting some more sunshine and to be able to wear shorts without wooly tights and to maybe even frolick around in a field……Or something like that (to be honest I would settle for not having to wear a scarf at the moment)

I am fed up of this fake sunshine that looks so inviting in the morning and then freezes your bits off once you step outside. Although this being said I piled on the layers at the weekend and me and my bloke ventured into the cold on the mission to find some clothes for our holiday (Thankfully which is in much warmer climes) I didn’t do so well on the clothes front and only found one bargain this H&M Conscious Collection Kimono which I got for the princely sum of £7

I am hoping it will come in handy in the evenings on our hols as it is quite thin and so the evening humidity won’t kill me.

This however was not my favorite find of the day…

I love TK Maxx mainly for their Home wares section than the clothing and on this particular visit I fell in LOVE…

With a Bunny!

He is part of The Stone Bunny Inc Collection by Telle M Stein and although the website doesn’t seem to be running anymore I am sure a Google search would bring up more of these pretty chaps.

I am hoping he may become a key part of the Easter Egg hunt that happens at our house every year!

Even Lebowski made friends although I suspect he is just after the ribbon.


My Lovely Horse……

2 Feb

You see some amazing things onEtsy.com everything from Cigar Box Guitars, Vegan Make Up and Life sized barbie swimwear.

The best thing I have ever seen however was a Chalk Board Horse, For years now here at Doolallytat towers we have been looking for a mighty steed to paint up and chalk our musings on to.

For those of you who read the blog regularly you will know we found our Lovely Horse last weekend when we found him he was a working horse pulling a cart laden with barrels. I soon cut him free of his reigns and gave him a good ol’ bath to clean his especially grubby feet:

After a bit of elbow grease and washing up bubbles he was ready for painting and I have to say I was instantly happy with the result instead of using brush on paint I bought a Spray can of Plasti-Kote Chalkboard paint and it was amazing! I recommend it for all your Chalkboard Horse needs.

Anyway here is the finished result:

Seriously that was all I could think to write on him at the time. He really does look very cool and is a lot more fun way to remember to buy milk than a conventional Chalkboard.

Now what other animals can I make into Chalkboards???

Don’t worry Lebowski I don’t mean you……..