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Any Excuse For Cake…

13 Mar

I’m off on a day trip out tomorrow to the lovely Wakehurst place where they have beautiful gardens and is home to the millennium seed bank, they are hoping by 2020 that they would have banked over 25% of the worlds wild plant species. The work they do is hugely important and the gardens are especially great for picnics and what is the most important part of a picnic….yep you guessed it CAKE!

I have been meaning to make a marble cake for such a long time and I love making cakes in my Bundt tin so I thought what can be better than a marble Bundt cake. I think my love of Bundt cakes is mainly because I like saying Bundt cake it sounds much more special than a cake baked in a regular tin and how easy they are to cut, which make them ideal for a picnic as you can cut them into easy to manage slices.

So you can find the recipe here. It’s super easy as you just bung the ingredients minus the coco powder (I use green and blacks as its my favourite and gives a lovely chocolate taste) into you blender. Then separate half the mixture, mix in the coco into one of the mixtures then dollop alternatively into your tin then the fun bit using a knife swirl the chocolate and vanilla gently together to create the marble effect.

A little top tip as I used to struggle getting my Bundt cakes to come out of the tin in one piece, I use a spray sunflower oil so you can get the whole tin coated and the cake should release like a dream.


So here it is…..And as I’m going to pre slice it to take it to the picnic I can have a slice with a cuppa and no one need know!



Yum yum!


Ready Steady Bake….

7 Feb

This is my last week at my current job and I had been looking forward to a fun last week…..however all my team are coming down with the lurgy & stayed at home in bed so I had a lonely day.

But what better way to cheer myself up but with some chocolatey goodness.

Doolallytat’s H is the resident expert at baking scrummy goodies so I asked her for a fabulous recipe and she did not disappoint with this amazing Brownie Recipe

The main thing I learnt about Brownies is THEY ARE NOT DIET FRIENDLY!

One whole pack of butter, a bag of sugar and 4 eggs go into making these bad boys.

The Brownies turned out really yummy and the coconut in the recipe makes them really moist and adds an extra something.

As you can see from the picture we have already been digging in and I have a feeling they will be even tastier tomorrow (Maybe I will even share them)