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Fan Stitchin’

18 Jul

I have always loved the quaint Home Sweet Home cross stitch you see in people’s homes and I am in love with a beautiful Sampler that Mr B’s Mum has in her house, but I have never really tried cross stitch for myself at least not since first school.

Doolallytat H took it up a few months back and has been really enjoying it and after looking at one of her cross stitch magazines (we are both so rock and roll) I decided I would give it a go.
And well dear reader I MAY BE HOOKED!


I couldn’t believe how calming it was I just sat in a big comfy chair with a cup of tea listening to some great music and did a bit of lettering:


I know it is not exactly great or exciting but it wasn’t bad for a first attempt. I then decided to look online for some inspiration and I was not disappointed.

Firstly this amazing sampler style pattern from the amazingly named Granniepanties


How amazingly cool is that!? And then just when I though cross stitch couldn’t get cooler, I found this on Flickr by Doaflip


Now any of you Spaced fans will know this is one of the amazingly funny quotes from the show and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to give one a go for myself.

I decided to go for a simpler design as it was only really my second attempt at a pattern and then I just had to decided out of all the quotes that I love from the show which one I would immortalise in thread……
And here it is in all it’s Spaced Geeky Glory:


This is one of my favourite quotes from the show not least because Mr B is always saying it to me when I am waffling.

I think I may do an Anchor Man one next think of the quotable cross stitch possibilities!



Family Rules!

4 Jul

On my ever constant search for cool decorating ideas, I came across the lovely idea of family rules. These are basically a list be it silly or sensible of rules for your family to live by. Now my household is a crazy one so I thought what better than creating our own set of family rules.

Take a look at this little lot for inspiration (or just go and buy….all for sale on wonderful Etsy)

Ashlie Jenson

Signs of Vintage

Epiphanys Corner

Now which rule shall I start with!


They Call Me Mellow Yellow…

11 Jun

Yuck Yuck and Yuck again!

The weather has really decided to show us what for over the last few weeks. Great for the gardens and Ducks but not so great for a girl who would like to be getting a bit of a tan and wearing some of her Summer wardrobe (I love my jeans but my knees are yearning for some sunshine)

I have however come up with a solution to save us all from this gloomy, grey and very wet weather, and that solution is……………YELLOW!

In the past I have never really gravitated towards Yellow but lately I seem to be buying more yellow clothes and finding all sorts of sunshine colour trinkets that are catching my attention.

Here are a few of my favourite finds:


I love all the Pantone products and am lucky enough to own this mug which is available from John Lewis here.


This gorgeous dress is from Topshop as part of their Dress Up Collection.


This beautiful print is available from GusAndLula on Etsy.


And what is a world without sunshine and beautiful shoes?!? Now we can have both thanks to Zara

I hope that has put a smile on your face and a little sunshine in your heart at least until we can get some of the real thing……


Friday Finds…

27 Apr

What better way to spend my train journey up to see Mr B than scouring the Internet for wonderful lust worthy bits and bobs!

Firstly this beautiful Ottomon I have been dreaming about owning this gorgeous piece since seeing it on etsy:


I love everything in this image and although it wouldn’t work to keep the plant pot on top with my cat Bowski jumping around the place, I really love how this has been styled. Not to mention that beautiful sofa……Love Love Love.

The next thing I have my crafty sights set on is this amazing record cake stand. It is such a great recycling project not to mention the fun that could be had looking for food themed records……..like ummm……… The Monster Mash!?!? ok so not a great example but you get the point.


I have also stumbled across this amazing shop called A Two Pipe Problem They sell such yummy prints but this one is for sure my fav:


Well best start paying attention to what station is coming up I really don’t want to get lost.

Have a fantastic weekend you beautiful lot


My Lovely Horse……

2 Feb

You see some amazing things onEtsy.com everything from Cigar Box Guitars, Vegan Make Up and Life sized barbie swimwear.

The best thing I have ever seen however was a Chalk Board Horse, For years now here at Doolallytat towers we have been looking for a mighty steed to paint up and chalk our musings on to.

For those of you who read the blog regularly you will know we found our Lovely Horse last weekend when we found him he was a working horse pulling a cart laden with barrels. I soon cut him free of his reigns and gave him a good ol’ bath to clean his especially grubby feet:

After a bit of elbow grease and washing up bubbles he was ready for painting and I have to say I was instantly happy with the result instead of using brush on paint I bought a Spray can of Plasti-Kote Chalkboard paint and it was amazing! I recommend it for all your Chalkboard Horse needs.

Anyway here is the finished result:

Seriously that was all I could think to write on him at the time. He really does look very cool and is a lot more fun way to remember to buy milk than a conventional Chalkboard.

Now what other animals can I make into Chalkboards???

Don’t worry Lebowski I don’t mean you……..