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Whizzy Weekends…

13 Aug

I seem to have had a few weeks of not having enough time to do anything, although when I look back I don’t feel like I have got an awful lot done….sadly it has however meant I have rather neglected the blog, Sorry.

Anyway back to it and here is a little overview of my weekend:

I went to visit Mr B in Lincoln it was such a lovely weekend and I got to hear about Mr B’s Gliding Course which although he told me was amazing fun I don’t think I will be signing up for anytime soon!



Pictures taken from Mr B’s head cam the second is the right way up (aerobatics in a glider not my cup of tea)

Something that was my Cup of Tea however was the most beautiful little Tea Room in Fulbeck, we sat outside in the sunshine drank tea and ate Lincolnshire sausage and mustard sandwiches…lt was bliss!


We both have a bit of a soft spot for TK Maxx and found an amazing one that had all the sale items super cheap, I picked up a dress that wouldn’t usually be my style but for some reason I was drawn to the print……well turns out it was a Clements Ribeiro wrap dress for £11 the tag says it was originally £214 needless to say I snapped it up and I think it will be a lovely autumnal dress.

I really love the gorgeous bold print.


The weekend whizzed by and it was soon time to leave but of course not before one last cup of tea and a giant bourbon just to keep me going for the journey back on the train.


Luckily my journey back was pretty uneventful and I even got back in time for the Olympic Closing Ceremony. I am thinking I am going to try my luck at getting some Paralympics tickets or at least tickets to go to the Olympic Park even just to go up the steel tower have a look around.

I hope everyone had sunny fun weekends too…



Home Again Home Again Jiggly De Jig…

29 Mar

Well I am back after my holiday in Florida. The weather was hot ( although I am still a whiter shade of pale) and I ate my own body weight in food and all in all it was a fabulous break.

We skipped all the usual tourist traps like Disney and Universal and instead decided to have our own style holiday. We ate out alot and went for lots of drives finding some amazing places and lizards on the way.


We were going to visit Cocoa Beach but on the advice of a local taxi driver visited Clearwater instead and it was totally the right choice, White sands, lots of sun, pelicans and funnily enough very Clearwater.


It was a yummy break away and it was nice to get some sun on my cold bones but I have to say coming home was lovely too seeing all my family (March is a big Doolallytat birthday month) and enjoying the English sunshine and a good cup of tea.

Also being able to get a salad without dressing and more than broccoli covered in butter has been really nice. Not to mention getting away from food like this:


Hopefully we will have more craft fair and Diamond jubilee news to share soon.