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Too Much of A Good Thing…Can Be Wonderful…

23 Jan

I admit that I find it quite easy to get caught up in a fad especially when it comes to crafting. It is so easy to see something handmade and think ‘I will give it a go’  Most of the time tutorials are pretty good and you can make some amazing stuff other times it can me a complete disaster.

But it is always worth giving it a go. When I bought the gear to make the wire rings I was expecting it to end with another load of unused tools and unloved material and that it would be filed in the impossible drawer along with trying to Knit (I have never got the hang of this and Cats are not helpful with Wool) and Needle Felting (A craft that takes so long each tiny felt animal would cost £100 each)

I have however fallen Head over Heels for Ring Making…


This was my first attempt and I have to say I suprised myself at mow much I enjoyed making it and how pleased as punch I was with the result.

This has also solved my dilemma of trying to find beautiful affordable stack rings….

I am so happy with the results and with a bit of a kick up the bottom from my friend at PaperBagBlog, I am looking into getting an Online shop to sell my creations. So Watch this Space……