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You and me and G and T…

31 Jul

I had the pleasure of going on a little lunch excursion with some of my colleagues today, sadly because one of the lovely ladies was leaving this did however involve some amazing Thai food and the discovery of a little pub in Brighton called The Office that serves over 30 types of Gin!!!!


Now I have to admit I haven’t always been a Gin fan and would have been more likely to be seen with a bottle of beer!

But now I love nothing more than a G n’ T with lots of ice and a slice of lime. My favourite has always been Bombay Sapphire and The beautiful bottle has always made it feel a little bit special.


I am however already planning a trip back to The Office with Mr B to try out some of their amazing selection including this gorgeous offering and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the gorgeous art work on the bottle ever seen seeing it:


I am not sure we will manage all 30 in one in visit but what a great excuse for another trip!



You Shall Go To The Ball…

19 Jun

This weekend sees me yet again whisked away with Mr B this time we are attending a Summer Ball being held at his work. This of course means big frocks and lots of Gin!

Although I am quite good at the G&T part, I have never been a huge fan of long dresses and found it difficult to find a dress that I liked and that didn’t cost the earth. This wasn’t easy as every dress I liked was either Dior or Lanvin.

I finally decided to take a huge gamble and ordered a dress from China through eBay. I was amazed at the variety available and the prices were incredible for what was being offered, some of the dresses were so beautiful you would expect to see them on the Red carpet. After a lot of deliberation and measuring I took the plunge and……….

The dress is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! It was delivered so quickly, fit like a dream and has been made beautifully.

I have put a sneaky close up picture here but I promise I will post a full length after the weekend.


As you can see it is a very bright yellow (it is a summer ball after all)

Now all I have to decide on is what hair do and make up to do on the night. I have always been a Vintage up-do kind of girl in the past but I am thinking I may go for a more modern look this time for a change.
As for make up most of my inspiration is Katy Perry shaped and so far these are my 2 favourite looks:



I am sure I will change my mind at least another 100 times before the actual day so I will try and get a hair and make up snap too!

Now all I have to do is try not to trip over the dress, spill my drink and make a fool of myself…………….Well Nobody’s Perfect!